Foot Over Bridges (FOB)

Branding is an enormous structure. Foot bridges have become a landmark in the city. Specially constructed for pedestrians to cross the road to avoid accidents. The bridge goes over a bridge made for pedestrians on different areas, usually to pass through a busy road or railway tracks. Be an excellent site for the installation of hoardings, glow sign boards proves, currency etc fly.

Mehsana because people really appreciate the effort that they are located in areas where there is heavy traffic. You can find the maximum crowd using safe and secure fob. In addition to this, we have built elevators for the safety of senior citizens and persons with physical damage.

Considering the safety of the combined efforts of citizens was used for the construction of advertisers for their promotion. They can be constructed in almost all areas, advertisers use this medium to attract the target audience for their products / services. We have options such as backlit, frontlit, and non-lit LED.

Aggregate with overall FOB companies in Gujarat. We reach every corner of the audience with FOB advertise company in Mehsana, North Gujarat, through FOB advertisement and other related media. We have to launch a one-stop shop anywhere where Gujarat campaigns.

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